1. emoctv:

    The Residents supply music for the puppet dance
    Pee Wee’s Playhouse, 1987


  2. threecolors4:

    gonna sound sarcastic but it is REALLY for the best that MTVu edited our silly intro video to a playlist for their network. it’s still campy but now the burden is on them in addition to us, so you’ll never know how much of it was our fault lol

    ^ well put, friend.


  3. playlist 10/2 - math rock etc. FEAST YOUR EARS

  4. the flying luttenbachers ty segall kmfh dazzling killmen skingraft liars kwur college radio ooioo hella yowie math rock

  5. playlist 9/25 - message me if you want the show audio!

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  7. a gift for your ears. This rules.

  8. starfish stellarsonicsolutions kwur katzenjammer college radio


    Do you miss our show? Do you miss our katzen- JAMMS? Here are the things I’ve been wearing out this summer, old and new. 

    Medicine - Shot Forth Self Living: All of this MBV business has got me listening to every shoegaze band ever, and this album is everything I want from shoegaze because the feedback is more abrasive than most. I could listen to “Miss Drugstore” all day long. If you are lucky enough to live in LA or Brooklyn, go see them in August. 

    Total Control - Henge Beat: This album is solid all the way through. Australian garage rock dudes with lots of synth sounds thrown in there. “Stonehenge” is my go-to upbeat party jam.

    Monoshock - Walk to the Fire: Shout out to Ceci for showing me this one. It is wonderful in all of its lo-fi recorded-in-the-basement-ness. 

    Tyvek - On Triple Beams: More party, less Fugazi-esque angst than Nothing Fits (their 2010 release) makes for a good soundtrack to walking around on weekend days or backyard chillin.

    Swearin’ - Swearin’: No nonsense, fun rock n roll.  I was lucky enough to wander into their set at a 4th of July party w/ Screaming Females, and everyone was dancing, WHICH NEVER HAPPENS IN PHILLY. http://swearin.bandcamp.com/

    Mala - “Changes (Jame Blake Remix)”: BASSSSSSSS.

    In other news, our beautiful little station will be permanently relocated and destroyed forever as of Thursday. RIP KWUR, YOU CHANGED MY LIFE.

  10. KWUR college radio Collegeradio medicine mala james blake swearin monoshock total control tyvek



  12. bobseger WILD wustl KWUR

  13. Last night’s super scatterbrained playlist. check it!

  14. cows fidlar raime heavyhawaii kylehall demdikestare jandek trackstar airmiami jonalewie kwur collegeradio obnox chadvangalen bardopond joydivision loop themen exuma edschrader xmaldeutschland jamiexx gregsage wustl washu radio rock

  15. Sunday’s playlist, EAT IT UP. Happy end of KWUR week. love, DJ lorbo

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